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We're very quick. We're a family that is focused on helping other families in time of need.

You probably don't have any idea what the bail bonds world is all about, but our licensed bail agents do. We can answer any question and provide you with all the bail bonds information you need. Los Angeles Bail Bonds services the entire Los Angeles County. There are quite a few Los Angeles Jails scattered throughout the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, Downtown, and more. We are here to help you bail someone out no matter where your loved one is.

Getting your loved one out of any Los Angeles County Jail is our top priority, we bail them out quickly and provide great customer service. Call us now and let us Help. 800-805-2245.

We are within minutes of almost every jail in Los Angeles County. Our main Van Nuys Bail Bonds office is located right acrooss the Van Nuys Police Station. Call us now and let us Help.(800) 805-2245


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Bernie heller Bail Bonds covers the entire Los Angeles County. We've been providing Los Angeles Bail Bonds for over 40 years. We have access to all Los Angeles Jails. All of our bail agency locations are within minutes of all Los Angeles Jails. Learn more.


There are over 30 jails in Los Angeles. Each jail usually has a different bail bonds process. Some Los Angeles Jails like the ones in Ventura, transfer their arrestees to larger jails for holding until they are processed and bailed out. Make sure you read up on each jails bail bond process, or you can always give us a call and we can provide you with all the information you need. Learn more.


The purpose of bail is to guarantee the arrestee's appearence in court. Bail is not a fine and it has no connection with the guilt or innocence of the person arrested. It will not be used as a penalty if the person is found guilty. You can consider bail as a form of insurance for the court. What is 5% bail? Learn more.